The complete analysis and evaluation of your data protection provides security

Data protection audit

Where does your company stand with regard to data protection? With our data protection audit, you receive a comprehensive status quo on this topic, uncover weak points and identify potential for improvement. Based on the analysis and evaluation, we make a concrete recommendation for action. The subject matter of a complete analysis is comprehensive and ranges from procedure directories, employee commitment, IT systems, data security, handling of personnel files to topics such as securing buildings. Our clients in this area include not only corporate clients but also public organisations. A complete data protection audit provides you with the basis for the award of a data protection seal of approval.

The INFOSTREAM data protection audit

INFOSTREAM's data protection audit includes:

  • Data protection audit for all or specially defined areas
  • Documentation
  • On-site inspections
  • Verification of compliance with data protection guidelines for sub-service providers (optional)

With an audit, relief from personal liability for the management is also possible. Evidence is provided that all measures necessary to prevent damage and to comply with legal provisions have been taken.

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