Solve conflicts over IT operations or IT systems quickly and efficiently with arbitration opinions

Arbitration opinions

In an environment of growing complexity such as that of IT systems, conflicts between client and contractor are unfortunately not uncommon. Such disagreements can be very costly and, in case of doubt, can drag on for years. During this time, the use of the systems in dispute is often not possible at all or only to a limited extent.

The objective of an arbitrator's award is to settle the conflict out of court before this unpleasant situation becomes permanent. The so-called arbitration agreement between the contracting parties should, if possible, take place before the start of a project. At this point in time, there are no disagreements between the contracting parties or problems with the realisation of the project. The agreement implies that both parties are bound by the arbitrator's report; deviations from the arbitrator's report are only possible for both parties by mutual agreement.

Our arbitration services

Arbitration opinions from INFOSTREAM resolve conflicts over IT operations, software or IT systems quickly, cost-effectively and unbureaucratically.

Arbitration opinions include:

  • Agreement on arbitration
  • Mediation in conflicts over IT operations, software or IT systems
  • Expertise for out-of-court resolution

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