Appraisals by IT experts ensure clear conditions in IT

Expert opinions and audits in IT

In a complex environment like IT, decisions about IT are often made on a very inadequate basis. Even disagreements about services provided or not provided, which are discussed particularly frequently in the IT environment, are usually initially based on a vague assessment.

Expert opinions help - especially in such a confusing environment as IT so often is - to obtain a clear, justified and comprehensible state of affairs about one's own systems, processes or procedures. In the case of a conflict between two parties, expert opinions help to find a solution by providing a neutral, comprehensible presentation of the disputed area.

Evaluations that we prepare as IT experts

The range of expert opinions that we prepare as IT experts today extends from:

  • Neutral monitoring of IT operations with ongoing, e.g. monthly expert opinions (operating report) on compliance with agreed service levels Liability audit for board members and managing directors to relieve them of personal liability in the area of information processing
  • arbitration opinions for the out-of-court resolution of conflicts over IT operations, software or IT systems

More about expert opinions and audits

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